Sustainability of Pension Systems in the Small Island Developing States: the case of Mauritius

  • Bérénice Weber Bérénice Weber

Aging populations in developed countries and the relevance of sound pension systems has been a topic of importance in academic research in the past two decades. Pension reforms have been on the political agenda for many Western countries. Nevertheless, the development of healthy pension systems is crucial for other countries as well. This is especially true when the reality of an aging population and its devastating consequences have not been completely acknowledged (Mercer, 2016). One group of countries that deserves attention is the Small Island Developing States (SIDS hereafter). The SIDS are a set of countries and states that are mainly characterized by their vulnerabilities to factors outside of their control and resulting development challenges. Their economic marginalization renders them significantly disregarded while their peculiarity justifies their need for attention. Most SIDS already exhibit trends of increasing life expectancy and falling fertility rates. These indicators of an aging population make it crucial to ensure the SIDS’ capacity to provide for the elderly in the long run. Sustainability of pension system is particularly challenging for the SIDS because of their vulnerabilities.

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