Where obesity has become a major global problem, the Dutch Ik Kies Bewust foundation answered the call of the World Health Organization to stimulate consumers in making healthy choices by providing the Ik Kies Bewust logos. The ‘healthy’ green and ‘conscious’ blue logo should make it easier for consumers to recognize food that fits a healthy lifestyle. To make sure that the logos are contributing in the right way to a change in consumers’ choice for healthy products, the research question in this study is as following:“Do Ik Kies Bewust logos have a positive influence on consumer purchase intention?In order to answer this research question, and make a proper distinction between green, blue and no-logo situations, this study has an experimental design. 177 Respondents filled in aquestionnaire, which resulted in the variables purchase intention, knowledge about the logos, nutritional context, impulse buying tendency and normative evaluation.After analyzing via one-way ANOVA and linear regression, the following conclusions are:- Ik Kies Bewust logos do not have a direct positive effect on purchase intention;- The majority of the respondents knows the logos, but it does not strengthen the relation between logos and purchase intention;- A healthy nutritional context has a positive moderating effect for green logos;- The moderation of impulse buying tendency on the relationship of Ik Kies Bewust logos and purchase intention does not have any influence;- Green Ik Kies Bewust logos do have a positive influence on normative evaluation.This study provides the Ik Kies Bewust foundation with clear insights about the functioning of the Ik Kies Bewust logos and extents the past literature with new conclusions.

Netspar, Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, is een denktank en kennisnetwerk. Netspar is gericht op een goed geïnformeerd pensioendebat.


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