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1 Million for New Pensions and Retirement Research

The Netspar board has honored four applications for theme projects and awarded € 250 per project. Netspar wishes the researchers good luck with the implementation of these three-year projects. The intended start is in January 2018.

Deadline for nominations Netspar Thesis Awards: October 16, 2017

Every year, Netspar awards prizes in the amount of EUR 3,000 each for outstanding theses in the following categories: Bachelor’s thesis: 1 Award Research or regular master’s thesis: 2 Awards PhD thesis  or dissertation: 1 Award Netspar TIAS Academy final project: 1 Awards Pensioenfonds UWV sponsors the Bachelor’s Award and one of the two Master’s Awards, based on the criterion that the thesis covers…

Annual Report 2016: Research Informs New Solutions

Thanks to the efforts of many, in 2016, Netspar has again been able to make a positive contribution to a well informed pension debate and thus contributing to the continuous improvement of the possibilities for financing ‘ the old day’ in the Netherlands. In our annual report you can read all the facts and figures. In addition, we proudly present eleven testimonials, in which…

INPARR International Research Seminar: summary and meeting documents available

On June 21, the INPARR International Research Seminar: Pension Foresight: Envisaging Retirement Income Plans of the Future took place in Paris, France. This International Seminar was composed of four sessions which provided a window into the latest thinking and research that sheds light on where pension plans and designs are headed in the future and challenges to their sustainability and efficiency. In particular, there…

2017-2018 Pension Innovation Master Class Cycle

On June 27 final presentations for the 2016-2017 executive education courses will be held. Netspar will once again offer executive education courses in the field of pension innovation to its partners’ staff members during the 2017-2018 academic year. The master class cycle (including the final project) has received high marks for several years in a row. The structure will remain largely unchanged: Master Class…

Netspar Magazine 22: Big Data and the Pension of the Future

The fast-paced developments in the field of big data, fintech and robo advice are increasingly affecting our daily lives, but they also play an important role in the pension industry. Netspar partners expect that Data Science can particularly have a big impact – and a high probability of success – on the personalization of pension products and communication. At the same time, issues such…

Developments Netspar Management

The Supervisory Board of the Netspar Foundation has appointed Casper van Ewijk for a second term as Director. Also, as of June 1, 2017, Marike Knoef will join Netspar’s Board of Directors. Within this function Marike will focus on establishing Netspar’s Work program 2019-2023. Casper van Ewijk re-appointed as director of the Netspar Foundation The Supervisory Board of the Netspar Foundation has appointed Casper…

Netspar Brief 9: More individual responsibility in geriatric care: wishes and possibilities

There is a lot of variation in the willingness to pay for geriatric care. That is the main conclusion of Netspar's research on the extent to which people are able and willing to pay for their own moderate levels of geriatric care themselves. Although the majority of the Dutch expect health care costs to increase and the pension is insufficient, there is a lot...

Housing, Healthcare and Retirement

Integrated approach Retirement is increasingly seen as a central part of the financial planning for the benefit of old age. Thereby people are striking a balance between money now and money later. Housing and Care play an important role there, in their own way. Home ownership is both a stable place to live as a nest egg for old age. Many people worry whether...

Communication and Fiduciary Duty

Financial planning for retirement generally receives less attention from individuals than might be considered wise. A large gap also exists between the knowledge and expertise of the providers of pension products and their clients. For the areas where a “fiduciary duty” already exists as a legal obligation, Netspar has examined what a “desirable” variant of this duty might be. The objective of the fiduciary...


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