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Netspar brings together pension and retirement experts from the industry and academia to examine current issues from their diverse backgrounds. These project groups outline various considerations, search for common objectives, explore new fields of research, and sketch out future scenarios. Thanks to this broad scope, the project groups produce valuable insights, and often recommendations, as well, for policymakers.

The Foundation Board provides recommendations every year in September on what project groups should be formed. The Partner Research Council (PRC) formulates potential topics using the Netspar Research Agenda 2019-2023 as a starting point.

Existing Project Groups

  • Pensions and Divorce
    A divorce (or termination of a domestic partnership) has a big impact on the pension of participants and their partners. The applicable legal framework is outlined in the Dutch Settlement of Pension Entitlements in the Event of Divorce Act (VPS Act) and the Pensions Act. The central question in this project is about the practical implications for pension participants and pension providers of the 2021 Pension Distribution in the Event of Divorce draft legislation. We analyze the developments in pensions and divorce in a broader context and make recommendations for the pension field, with a focus on the individual.
  • The Labor Market and Retirement
    The central question of this project is if and how existing and potential long-term developments in the labor market affect pensions and retirement. Developments such as technological advancements, globalization, and greater flexibility have consequences for the way in which labor relations are structured. Moreover, changes in labor relations have implications for the current pension system and the options and desires workers have with regard to their pensions and retirement. The project group outlines a number of scenarios for the pension system of the future based on analysis of the developments to date, insights from the literature, and innovative data analyses.

Completed Project Groups

  • Flexible Retirement
    Greater flexibility in terms of transitioning from work to retirement can have positive effects on health, job and general satisfaction, and long-term job proficiency. The Netspar Flexible Retirement project group analyzed the potential for, and bottlenecks of, flexible retirement and presented some policy considerations. Read the report (in Dutch).
  • Changing Role of Pension Providers in the Era of Big Data
    The lightning speed of developments in the field of big data and data science has a growing influence on our daily lives. This has serious implications for the pension industry. This project group analyzed what kinds of considerations pension providers might use in their strategic planning. Read the review of the Thematic Conference on this topic. Read the report (in Dutch).
  • Survivors Pension: Fragmented Design Complicates Risks
    Besides its obvious emotional impact, death also has financial consequences. Some of the major associated risks are little known or discussed, and there has been almost no attention paid to survivors pensions in the discussions surrounding the new pension contract. Reason enough to shine a light on the provisions for surviving dependents in the Netherlands. Read the report and the Netspar Brief ‘Survivors pension no longer assured’.
  • Housing, Healthcare, Retirement Require Comprehensive Approach
    Pensions and retirement savings are increasingly viewed as the central component of financial planning for old age. Yet, housing and healthcare also play an important role, each in their own way. A comprehensive approach can offer benefits for households in terms of their financial planning for retirement by including housing, healthcare, and pensions in the overall picture. Read the report (in Dutch).

Netspar, Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, is a thinktank and knowledge network. Netspar is dedicated to promoting a wider understanding of the economic and social implications of pensions, aging and retirement in the Netherlands and Europe.


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