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Meer dan helft pensioendeelnemers laat vooringevulde keuze staan

Meer dan de helft van de pensioendeelnemers laat een vooringevulde keuze voor wat het is. Mensen met een beperkt financieel kennisniveau kiezen de voorgeselecteerde optie nog vaker. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek van de Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM) samen met Marike Knoef, hoogleraar empirische micro-economie aan de Universiteit Leiden en algemeen directeur van Netspar. De manier waarop en de omgeving waarin pensioendeelnemers keuzes voorgelegd krijgen,…

Off to a good start with a new pension system, but we still have a long way to go

The new pension system that takes effect around 2026 is better attuned to the labor market than was previously the case. Still, lower-educated people, mothers with small jobs, migrants, people who perform repetitive tasks, and workers with physically demanding occupations are at risk. That is the conclusion of an exploratory survey for the longer term published today by a group of scientists and experts…

Reallocation of individual pension assets to survi-ving dependent’s pension: a stated preference analysis

“The willingness to reallocate pension assets is highly heterogeneous” The Dutch pension system’s second pillar allows employees to reallocate old-age pension to surviving dependent’s pension within certain fiscal limits. This paper documents the outcomes of a stated preference experiment to measure the reallocation preferences of employees with a partner in the age group 55 to 65 years. This considered five hypothetical allocations ranging from…

Which work conditions can encourage older workers to work overtime?

“Increasing pressure to work overtime needs to be met with favourable working conditions” Substantial parts of the workforce in industrialised countries work long hours with increasing overtime. This helps to solve the labour shortages caused by early retirement and an ageing work population. However, a balance should be struck between job demands and the need for workers to remain employable until retirement. Therefore how…

Annette Mosman appointed to the Netspar Supervisory Board

The Netspar Foundation Board has appointed Annette Mosman to the Supervisory Board with effect from 1 May 2021. This appointment contributes to the connection between science, policy and pension providing that is so important to the Netspar research network.   Wouter Bos (Chairman of the Supervisory Board): “We are delighted with this reinforcement of our Supervisory Board. Annette Mosman has extensive experience in the…

Knowledge of the pension system makes a positive contribution to labor participation by the elderly

Interview with Irene Ferrari (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) In recent decades, most Western countries have dealt with different social security and pension reforms. The success of these reforms is largely related to the way in which people adjust their behavior, for example by working longer. “But knowledge is power: what you don’t know can’t help you,” said Irene Ferrari (Ca’ Foscari University of…

Life years lost due to COVID-19 mortality

“Substantial number of life years lost but impact on long-term life expectancy limited” This study sought to provide more clarity about the number of life years lost due to COVID-19 mortality and its effect on future life expectancy. That is difficult to measure because it depends on the still uncertain relation between Covid-19 mortality and other health problems. We therefore developed three scenarios: (1)…

Variable annuities with financial risk and longevity risk in the decumulation phase of Dutch DC products

“Exploring the risks and benefits of variable pension products to facilitate pension choices” Guaranteed pension products are increasingly unsustainable and so alternatives are being sought. Dutch defined contribution schemes allow investment risks to be taken during retirement. Such variable annuity products can yield a higher first pension payment compared to a fixed annuity product without equity exposure, but carry the risk of an uncertain…

Interview Giovanna Nicodano: Life-cycle Risk-Taking with Personal Disaster Risk

“Long term unemployment should be taken into account for investment portfolio composition” The younger you are, the more risky your assets, is the generally accepted idea around pension investments. After all, young people can compensate risks with many years of work. But what if they can’t? Giovanna Nicodano (Collegio Carlo Alberto, Universita’ di Torino) et al. analyzed what it means when young people consider…

Looking ahead: time preferences, saving behavior and retirement

“Working on a reliable model to predict the impact of policy changes for different groups” How do households make life cycle decisions, what is the impact of different risks during the lifetime and how does this affect the way people respond to policy changes? All these factors come together in the economic life cycle model that Max Groneck (RUG) and others are working on….

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