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Pension Communications in Flux! Review of Five Online Inspiration Sessions

Research has shown that there is much ground to be gained in terms of building retirement awareness. Effective communications remains pivotal to that and is also a major element in the new pension agreement. That is why Netspar joined together with the Federation of Dutch Pension Funds, the Dutch Association of Insurers, and the Dutch Money Wise platform to host five online inspiration sessions…

Hear from a Researcher: Damiaan Chen “Retirement offers some nice challenges”

“Retirement offers some nice challenges” The retirement landscape is in flux, and there are always new questions in need of answers. Science plays an important role in this, as do young, new researchers who approach pension and retirement research with a fresh eye. In this series, we ask them about their motivations and findings. This time, we hear from Damiaan Chen (UvA and DNB)….

Using big data to develop best senior living concepts

“Data analytics helps design tailored living solutions for seniors” Living independently until old age is becoming the norm. To facilitate this, insight into the housing needs of the seniors is necessary. This research uses (big) data to figure out how Dutch seniors make housing choices and what value they attribute to different properties of  the home and the location. We show how these quantitative…

Mathijs van Dijk to Become New Netspar Board Member

As of January 1, 2021, Professor Mathijs van Dijk, affiliated with Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) will be joining the Netspar Board of Directors as scientific director, filling the vacancy left by Marike Knoef when she assumed the position of director on September 1. As a professor of finance, Van Dijk brings valuable expertise to the table in the area of socially…

Financial Consequences of Widowhood

“Further reductions in the public survivors’ pension could lead to a significant income drop for recipients” The need for providing public survivors’ benefits is under discussion in light of the fact that more women are working and there are now more possibilities for securing insurance against income loss. This study focused on the drop in income for various groups in the event of widowhood….

MN Extends Partnership for Two Years

Pension provider MN has extended the partnership with Netspar by two years after a trial period of one year. With this partnership, Netspar strengthens and broadens its knowledge network. Norbert Hoogers, CEO at MN: “The new pension contract will be developed further in the coming years. This will have a gradually increasing impact on the policy of pension funds and on us as an…

New Theme Projects: €1 Million Total Awarded for Three-year Research Projects

Following scientific validation by the Scientific Council and a positive recommendation from the Partner Research Council, the Netspar Board of Directors has awarded three applications for theme projects grants of €250,000 each: Climate risks in investment portfolios – Mathijs van Dijk (EUR). Individual pension choices in uncertain times: Advancing digital support for risky pension decisions – Benedict Dellaert, Bas Donkers (EUR). Pension monitor: Understanding…

Hear from a researcher: Anne Balter “Calculations with impact”

“Calculations That Have an Impact” The retirement landscape is heavily in flux, with ever-new questions in need of answers. Science plays an important role in that, as do young new researchers who approach pension and retirement research with a fresh eye. In this series, we ask them about their motivations and findings. This time, we hear from Dr. Anne Balter (TiU). She calculated that…

The Effects of Nudging on Pension Savings Decisions

“Choices don’t automatically work out” Choice is a vital element in the design of a pension system. This study shows that there is considerable appetite for having options in the accumulation phase. However, people with little retirement savings choose to temporarily suspend their contributions just as often as those with considerable savings. Any choices ultimately offered should therefore be designed responsibly. Even in an…

Do financial incentives stimulate partially disabled persons to return to work?

“Financial incentives improve labour participation of partially disabled persons, but they are not effective for low-income earners” The number of people receiving disability benefits in the Netherlands is increasing. The disability scheme for partially disabled workers (WGA) uses financial incentives to increase labour effort when workers exhaust their first stage benefit in the two-staged disability scheme. Do these financial incentives induce work resumption? Read…

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