The pension perspective of basic jobs

“Funding issues most important stumbling block for future basic jobs”

Various Dutch municipalities are experimenting with basic jobs on a pilot basis. Basic jobs are forms of non-regular paid work for people on social assistance benefits who are not expected to get a job on the regular labour market but do not belong to the target group of sheltered employment either. Several political parties and other organisations are advocating a large-scale introduction of basic jobs. However, no systematic thought has yet been given to the pension perspective of these jobs. This study serves to inform possible political choices about the future of basic jobs by sketching pension options for this group of workers that could help prevent new flaws in the pension system.

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Key Takeaways for the Industry

  • Discussions about basic jobs should consider the importance of meaningful work and the principle that everybody who works deserves a reasonable pension provision.
  • Provide clear communication about pension perspectives when offering people a basic job.


Want to know more?

Read the paper The pension perspective of basic jobs from Ton Wilthagen, Zeger Kluit and Michael Visser – Tilburg University.

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