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Prize-winning Master’s thesis: redistribution of wealth reinforced by the use of long-term care

“Differences in the use of nursing home care increase the wealth gap between older people with high and low socio-economic status.” Socio-economic differences between households have a major impact on life expectancy, healthy life expectancy, and prosperity in later life. Inequalities in life expectancy and the need for long-term care result in a redistribution of wealth at a more advanced age: people with higher…

Supporting pension participants: Three lessons learned from the medical domain for better pension decisions

“Research on how patients make medical decisions can simplify and improve pension decisions” Pension participants have to make complex decisions based on information they struggle to understand: multiple alternatives that have positive and negative outcomes with differing likelihoods and that involve different values. Patients often face similarly complex treatment decisions. Much research has been done into how patients can best be supported in that…

Risk Sharing within Pension Schemes

“Buffer fund optimises risk sharing and mitigates downside risk” Many countries are reforming their pension systems to facilitate economic and demographic changes. New systems seek to mitigate risks by allocating surpluses to a buffer fund that smooths fluctuations in investment returns and between pension generations. This paper explores optimal risk sharing and assesses the welfare effects of the current Dutch pension proposal against theoretical…

Insights into financial decision-making: “People either calculate or guess when estimating an annuity pension benefit”

How do people make financial decisions? How can we gain insight into what’s going on inside their heads? And what can we do with that knowledge? These questions are central to a new study being carried out by Thomas Post of Maastricht University. “Our research showed that, roughly speaking, people take one of two approaches to estimating the value of an annuity (such as…

Netspar researcher Bastiaan Starink appointed Endowed Professor of Labor Market, Pensions and Taxation

As of February 1, 2021, Bastiaan Starink is Endowed Professor of Labor Market, Pensions and Taxation at Tilburg Law School. The remit of his chair concerns the reform of the collective second pillar of the pension system and the evolving labor market in the Netherlands. After many years of social debate and seeking consensus it appears likely that starting in 2022 the Dutch pension…

Hazel Bateman, new Chair of Netspar’s Scientific Council

“Strengthening international cooperation had great added value”   Hazel Bateman has been associated with Netspar as a researcher for ten years. For the past five years, she contributed to the assessment of research proposals as a member of Netspar’s Scientific Council. This year, she was appointed chair: “The scientific council plays an important role in ensuring the academic quality and relevance of the research…

Netspar and Nyenrode develop new Master Class for directors and supervisors in the Pension Industry

Transition of the Dutch Pension system requires good preparation From 1 January 2021, Nyenrode Business University and the Netspar research network will work together on a master class for directors and supervisors in the pension industry. The 2019 principle agreement for the reform of the Dutch pension system is causing radical changes. This has consequences for employers, employees, administrators and policymakers. The pension sector…

Netspar Thesis Awards granted: Excellent contributions to the Netspar Research Program

Netspar congratulates the winners of the Netspar thesis awards 2019: Wouter Otten (UT), Rory McGee (University College London) en het team van Renate Bredenoort (BeFrank) en Wendela Landstra (DNB). The prizes of € 3.000 each were awarded during the annual International Pension Workshop to outstanding master, phd and Tias theses within the Netspar research program. Wouter Otten won the prize for the best Master’s thesis for his research into the…

Investing for Retirement with an Explicit Benchmark

“Non-constant risk aversion in investment reduces uncertainty about pension capital” A disadvantage of defined contribution schemes, like those in the new Dutch pension deal, is the considerable uncertainty about pension capital at retirement. This is caused by the investment strategies used, which maximise the return with a constant relative risk aversion. This study explored the impact of using a non-constant relative risk aversion, which…

PhD research Kristy Jansen: “Regulations regarding capital requirements play an important role in institutional investment choices”

Academics have a relatively good view on how individuals should invest over the life cycle. On the investment choices of pension funds however, very little is known. Kristy Jansen (Tilburg University) delved into the world of investment strategies, liabilities and risk preferences of pension funds for her PhD research. “Practice turned out to be more unruly than theory. With the help of data, we…

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