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Netspar Annual report 2015

The Netspar 2015 Annual Report is now available on our website. In addition to the financial report, it contains reviews by the Supervisory Board and the Netspar Board of Directors. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who helped Netspar make a valuable contribution to a well-informed pension debate.

Netspar Newsflash June 2016

In this month´s newsletter: read more about our new website, call for papers Pension Day and the successful conference ‘End Game Toward a New Pension System’ that took place on June 16. Also you can download the latest papers en see events that take place the coming months.

Report on Assumed Interest Rates Sent to Dutch Parliament

At the request of the Dutch State Secretary of Social Affairs, Lans Bovenberg, Theo Nijman, and Bas Werker have outlined the advantages and disadvantages of various implementations of the assumed interest rate for the new Improved Defined Contribution Scheme Act (wet Verbeterde Premieregeling).

Netspar Brief: Pension Freedom of Choice

The desired freedom of choice in pensions is much smaller than polls suggest. How much freedom of choice workers should get, is important in the ongoing debate about the development of the Dutch pension system.

‘Pensioen 2020’ Book Available as of April 22

The book ‘Pensioen 2020’ (in Dutch) is being released on April 22. The book presents a collection of legal and economic essays on the trends in retirement financing.

Hans Rademaker and Lex Meijdam Join the Supervisory Board

The Foundation Board has appointed Hans Rademaker (CIO for Robeco) to the Supervisory Board of the Netspar Foundation with effect from March 1. His first term on the board will end on February 28, 2019. Robeco will appoint a successor to take Hans’s place on the Foundation Board.

Thesis Award Winners

The Netspar Thesis Awards were presented in Leiden during the International Pension Workshop. Netspar awards prizes for outstanding theses related to the Netspar research program.

Welvaartswinst door betere afstemming van wonen-, zorg- en pensioenregelgeving

Aandacht voor persoonlijke financiële planning over de levensloop en een betere afstemming in regelgeving van de domeinen wonen, zorg en pensioen kan belangrijke welvaartswinst opleveren. Door de toenemende diversiteit tussen huishoudens en de verschuiving van risico’s en verantwoordelijkheden naar het individu, wordt afstemming tussen pensioen, wonen en zorg steeds belangrijker. Gebrekkige afstemming tussen de belangrijke onderdelen van de financiële planning over de levensloop leidt…

Lans Bovenberg and Casper Van Ewijk assume new positions at Tilburg University

Netspar founder Lans Bovenberg has been appointed holder of the new F.J.D. Goldschmeding Chair at Tilburg University. His purview is “Innovation in Economics Teaching.” Bovenberg will remain affiliated with Netspar. Casper van Ewijk, General Director of Netspar, was appointed to the Gak-endowed chair in “Funded Pension Systems” at Tilburg University. He succeeds Lans Bovenberg, who held the chair from June 2013 until now. This…

Renewed Supervisory Board

As of January 1, 2016, the Netspar Foundation will have a new, smaller, Supervisory Board. Job Swank (DNB) has been reappointed and will succeed Jean Frijns as Chair. Else Bos and Marco Keim have also been reappointed by the Foundation Board. Cees Oudshoorn and Gijs van Dijk will stay on as board members representing Stichting van de Arbeid (the national Labour Foundation) and there…

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