The new rules for pension communication in practice

New pension communication model barely improves information findability

Pension 1-2-3, the new pension communication model, has not yet improved the findability of information on pensions. The user-friendliness of the model could also be improved. These are the conclusions of the first analysis carried out by Netspar researchers Leo Lentz and Henk Pander Maat shortly after the new rules were introduced, which focused on the twenty largest pension organizations in the Netherlands.

Read the full pressrelease and the Netspar Brief  (both only available in Dutch). Read the English summary here.

This Netspar Brief is part of the Netspar research program ‘Communication and Choice’.


People often give less time and thought to their financial plans for the future than they ought to. Furthermore, there is a large difference between what pension providers know about pension products and what their customers know about pension products. Pension providers are therefore legally required to support their customers.

Pension providers are obliged to help individuals make decisions that are in their own best interests and make sure they avoid making decisions that are clearly wrong. The most important ways in which they can support customers are by providing transparent information and personalized communication, and structuring the decision process clearly.

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