Trends in working life expectancy, working conditions and health in an ageing population

  • Maaike van der Noordt Maaike van der Noordt

Over the last decades, labour participation rates of older adults have increased in the Netherlands and people have extended their working lives from below age 61 in the early 1990s to age 64.4 in 2016. With the increase of the statutory retirement age in the coming years, it is expected that workers will extend their working lives even further. A good health is important to allow for extending working lives. This thesis aims to provide insight in the health of the older working population, the older working-age population and former workers in the Netherlands, during times when labour participation rates have increased and people are working until older ages. This insight is necessary to express expectations for health of the future older working population, and to prevent or limit any problems associated with extending working lives. Three themes are addressed in this thesis: I. Historical trends in working life expectancy in poor health of the older working population from 1992 to 2016; II. Historical trends in working conditions and health of the older working population from 1992 to 2016; III. Future health of the older working-age population up until 2040. By examining these themes, three datasets are used: The Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA) (theme I and II), the Dutch Health Interview Survey from and the Dutch Public Health Monitor (theme III).

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