Survivor’s Income Position

The aim of this topicality project is to clarify in more detail how large the income-downfall is when a partner dies and in which groups of households the income risk is greatest. To what extent, for example, does a surviving relative with children have a worse prospect than a surviving partner without children? Given this decrease of income, what is an adequate survivor’s pension (is that 70% of the retirement pension or, for example, 50% of the salary so that the ANW shortfall is closed down)?

This study is in line with a number of previous studies. The risks in partner’s pension are on the agenda in Starink et al. (2017). Vellekoop et al. (2018) aim to identify the costs of insuring these risks. Knoef (2017, table 12) and Dove (2017) have provided initial insights into the existing income positions of surviving relatives.

Read the paper here.

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