New Theme Projects: €500,000 Awarded for Three-year Research Projects

The Netspar Board of Directors recently awarded grants of €250,000 each to two applications for theme projects, following scientific validation by the Scientific Council and a positive recommendation by the Partner Research Council:

  • The Causes and Consequences of Retirement: A Sociological Perspective (Kène Henkens, NIDI)
  • The Effectiveness of Decision Aids in Pension Communications and the Role of Literacy (Hans Hoeken, Leo Lentz, and Adriaan Kalwij, Utrecht University)

The projects are scheduled to start in January 2019. The Board of Directors has decided to put the remaining applications on hold and decide on how to award the remaining €500,000 available for 2018 in December, in coordination with the Partner Research Council.

About the Research

The study by Kène Henkens et al. looks into the effects of delayed retirement. The strategies that men and women 60 and older use to cope with the new reality of working longer will be viewed from a sociological, psychological, and labor economic standpoint and cataloged. The study will also explore how much of an impact remaining on the job longer has on labor patterns and on people’s availability (and willingness) for volunteer work and informal care.

Read the press release.
See the website for more info.

The second study concerns pension communications.

How effective are online interactive aids (Pension Decision Aids, or PDAs) in helping people make sound decisions about their pensions and retirement? And are there differences in terms of effectiveness between people with varying levels of financial literacy and cognitive abilities? Those are the main questions of this three-year research project being led by Hans Hoeken, Leo Lentz, and Adriaan Kalwij (Utrecht University).

Read the press release.
See the website for more info.

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To learn more about Netspar research and its funding, please contact policy advisor Silvie van Halder.

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