Life Events and Participant Engagement in Pension Plans (Webinar)

In collaboration with The International Centre for Pension Management (ICPM), Netspar will host a webinar for Design Paper 93 so that the authors can present their findings.

Life events and participant engagement in pension plans Elisabeth Brüggen, Thomas Post, Matthew Blakstad Abstract: We study the use of life events for creating effective pension communication. Pension plan participants are often not open to pension communication nor engage in pension planning. Overcoming this lack of engagement is important: Participants should form realistic expectations about their retirement finances, discover pension gaps early enough to be able to act accordingly as well experience less negative emotions and retirement anxiety in case of (often) unwarranted pessimistic expectations. Timing communication around important life events (e.g., getting married, starting a new job) is often suggested to increase communication effectiveness. Life events may coincide with teachable moments and thus more openness to pension communication and planning. In this paper, we first review the literature on life events as teachable moments. Second, we provide an overview of life events suited in particular to increase engagement. Third, we present empirical evidence on life events and participant engagement. Finally, we derive implications for theory as well as for practice.
Locatie: Tilburg University Seminar Room K834 Warandelan 2 5037 AB Tilburg

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