Measuring retirement savings adequacy. Developing a multi-pillar approach in the Netherlands

This paper by Marike Knoef (UL), Jim Been (UL) Rob Alessie (RUG), Koen Caminada (UL), Kees Goudswaard (UL) and Adriaan Kalwij (UU) investigates the adequacy of Dutch household retirement savings. To take account of the varying composition of pension savings across households, they analyze not only public and occupational private pension rights, but also annuity insurances, housing wealth and private savings. Conclusions regarding the adequacy of retirement savings are sensitive to different future scenarios, with young generations benefiting most from an optimistic scenario but also suffering more from a pessimistic scenario, compared to older generations.

Netspar, Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, is a thinktank and knowledge network. Netspar is dedicated to promoting a wider understanding of the economic and social implications of pensions, aging and retirement in the Netherlands and Europe.


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