Raising pension awareness among young people

In this study, we want to find out how we can increase pension awareness among young people. We want to carry out a random study during which we send young people information in a variety of ways. This information concerns the pension system in general and how they can gain an insight into their personal situation. We use insights from behavioral economics for this. One of the insights from behavioral economics is that a step-by-step plan and a deadline help to stir people into action. That is why we will give a random number of the study subjects a step-by-step plan with the tax return date as a deadline. It would be nice if it becomes the social standard to move on to your pensions register after having filed your tax return now that you have your financial information and DigiD (a personal code to log into governmental websites) within reach. We want to conduct the study in a representative panel or in collaboration with a pension administration organization, for instance (in the next few weeks, we will find out what is feasible). Our intention is to send out information at the end of February/early March. Early in April, we can then send out questionnaires to the panel members in order to measure the results. Do they know they have received information? Is their knowledge about pensions bigger than those in the control group? Did they study their situation more closely or not? Depending on the costs, we can extend the study population with other age groups in order to find out to what extent the effects between different age groups differ.

Read the paper here.

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