What’s cooking in sustainable investing?

The Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement (Netspar) and the Erasmus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation (the Platform) are jointly hosting a symposium on “What’s cooking in sustainable investing?” on Thursday May 16, 2024.

Sustainable investing has been on the rise, but is also in a state of flux. This is illustrated by ongoing debates about the quality of ESG ratings and sustainability disclosures, the backlash against sustainable investing in some parts of the world, the relative merits of divestment versus engagement, and the best way for institutional investors (such as pension funds and insurance companies) to pursue impact.

In this symposium, we aim to bring together thought leaders from both academia and the financial industry to discuss, among other things, impact investing, engagement, climate and biodiversity risks in investment portfolios, national and European supervisory and regulatory developments, the relation between sustainability and financial risk/return, and sustainable reporting.

Keynote speakers:

  • Inge van den Doel (Director at PMT Pension Fund and President at CFA Society Netherlands)
  • Olaf Sleijpen (Executive Board Member of Monetary Affairs at the Dutch Central Bank)
  • Dirk Schoenmaker (Professor of Banking and Finance at Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Mathijs van Dijk (Professor of Financial Markets at Erasmus University Rotterdam)

The symposium is open to all academics as well as to the partners of Netspar and the Platform. The symposium will be held in English. Participation is free of charge. Please register below.

13:00-13:30 hrs Mathijs van Dijk (EUR)
13:30-14:00 hrs Dirk Schoenmaker (EUR)
14:00-14:20 hrs Break
14:20-15:20 hrs Breakout sessions

  • Engagement: Emilio Marti (EUR) & Tara-Jane Fraser (APG) – moderated by Jaap van Dam (chair of the Platform Advisory Board)
  • Biodiversity risks: Marloes Hagens (EUR) & Romie Goedicke den Hertog (UNEP FI) – moderated by Willem Schramade (Schroders & Nyenrode)
  • Sustainable reporting: Miriam Koning (EUR) & Don Gerritsen (Deloitte) – moderated by Karen Maas (Open University)

15:20-15:50 hrs Break
15:50-16:20 hrs Inge van den Doel (PMT)
16:20-16:50 hrs Olaf Sleijpen (DNB)
16:50-17:30 hrs Drinks



Locatie: Tilburg University Seminar Room K834 Warandelan 2 5037 AB Tilburg

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