Pension Administrator MN Joins Netspar as a Partner

Netspar welcomes pension administrator MN as a partner. In size, MN is the third pension administration organization in the Netherlands. MN takes care of the pension management (administration and asset management) of the PMT, PME and Bpf Koopvaardij pension funds, with a total of 2 million participants and invested assets of more than € 130 billion. With the partnership with MN, Netspar is expanding and strengthening its knowledge network. MN had previously been part of Netspar.

Netspar Director Casper van Ewijk is pleased: “With the admission of MN, we now have the three major pension administrators in Netspar. That increases the diversity of pension participants represented. It’s a nice expansion in light of our overall mission: to contribute to the continued improvement of the options for financing ‘old age’ in the Netherlands – an old age that is different for everyone.”

Through the partnership, MN will be involved in Netspar’s research agenda, and the pension administrator will have access to the knowledge network’s projects, meetings, and expertise. MN is initially joining the network for a trial period through September 1, 2020. The two parties will use that time to explore how to establish an effective collaboration, so as to lay the foundation for MN’s continued participation as a Netspar partner.

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