Mathijs van Dijk to Become New Netspar Board Member

As of January 1, 2021, Professor Mathijs van Dijk, affiliated with Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) will be joining the Netspar Board of Directors as scientific director, filling the vacancy left by Marike Knoef when she assumed the position of director on September 1. As a professor of finance, Van Dijk brings valuable expertise to the table in the area of socially responsible investing. He will also be focusing on new science funding.

“We think Mathijs is the ideal candidate for this position,” says Knoef. “He has a brilliant scientific career. This is very valuable for our research proposals for scientific grants. His experience with other scientific disciplines is relevant for Netspar as a multidisciplinary network. In addition, Mathijs is good at explaining what he knows in an easy-to-understand manner.”

Mathijs is very pleased with his new position: “As scientific director of Netspar, I look forward to contributing to the connection between science and practice on socially relevant themes such as sustainability.”

The board position is part-time, and Van Dijk will continue his professorship in Rotterdam. The Netspar Board of Directors is further composed of Theo Nijman (academic director) and Peter Gaillard (operations director).

About Mathijs van Dijk

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Mathijs van Dijk is Professor of Finance at the Erasmus School of Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam), with a specialization in financial markets. He is also the vice chair of the Finance Department. His research focus is international finance and investments. Van Dijk is a recipient of a Vidi grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and was a fellow at the NIAS (Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study).

He has published in such venerable academic journals as the Review of Financial Studies and Journal of Financial Economics. He is also well versed in making scientific insights widely accessible through his partnerships with the ‘Universiteit van Nederland’ platform and TED Talks. Netspar recently awarded Mathijs the short-term project “Do more sustainable companies perform better during the corona crisis?” And the multi-year project “Climate risks in investment portfolios“.

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Netspar is a knowledge and research network aimed at a well-informed pension debate. We contribute to a financially healthy old age in the Netherlands through research into pensions and the aging population, in collaboration with science, government and the pension sector.

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