Emotions and technology in pension service interactions

“How technology can improve – rather than replace – human interaction within pension services”

With the upcoming pension reforms, it is important that pension participants become well informed about their pension situation and the choices they have. Personal interaction between pension provider and participant – via email, call center or chat – plays an important role in this. In contact with participants, managing negative emotions such as sadness, fear or anger is essential. This requires good interaction between technological tools such as chatbots and human employees. Negative experiences with the pension provider can get in the way of an optimal pension choices in the long run.

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Key Take Aways for the Industry

  • AI can help increase participants’ trust, satisfaction and pension awareness, but requires frequent testing and employee involvement.
  • Involve employees in introducing AI solutions to work on optimal use and trust and to diminish the fear of replacement.
  • Training on handling emotions is essential for both AI solutions (with good data) and employees.

Want to know more?
Download the paper “Emotions and technology in pension service interactions: Taking stock and moving forward” by Wiebke Eberhardt (OU), Alexander Henkel (OU) and Chantal Hoet (Aegon).

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