The Dynamic Effects of Informal Caregiving on Caregivers’ Health

  • Jannis Stöckel Jannis Stöckel
  • Judith Bom Judith Bom

We estimate the long-run and dynamic health effects of providing informal care on caregivers’ health in the United Kingdom. Using propensity score matching to address the endogeneity of
informal care provision we estimate static and sequential matching models exploring health effects of multiple years of informal caregiving and the persistence of initial caregiving effects for up to
five years after care provision started. Further, we purify the caregiving-effect from the familyeffect, whether individuals suffer because they care for or care about someone, for a subsample of
within-household caregivers. Our results suggest substantial negative health effects in the mental domain and asymmetrically experienced by caregivers of both genders providing more than 20
hours of weekly care. These effects are independent from the family effect. Lastly, our sequential matching results indicate that the mental health effects of care provision seem to persist for
caregivers providing multiple years of care.

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