Need for recovery across work careers: The impact of work, health and personal characteristics.

PurposeEmployees experiencing a high need for recovery (NFR) are at risk of long-term adverse effects in both their health and labour participation. So far, the determinants of NFR across age categories remain unknown. The aim of this study is to investigate the determinants of the NFR among employees in three age categories (30–44, 45–54 and 55–65 years), for men and women separately.MethodsThe study was based on data from the prospective Maastricht Cohort Study. Wave T3 (May 1999) was chosen as article baseline (n = 7,900). The follow-up period of 20 months included five follow-up waves. Cox regression analyses were performed to investigate the determinants, which originated from the work environment, health and lifestyle and personal domain of employees, of NFR across age categories over time.ResultsCross-sectional results demonstrated substantial differences in mean scores and proportion of cases of NFR across age categories. Longitudinal analyses demonstrated risk factors in the multifactorial aetiology of NFR that played a role in all age categories, but also showed several age-specific risk factors, e.g. low decision latitude appeared to be a risk factor only in the oldest age category.ConclusionsAlthough selection effects may have occurred, this study shows that the risk factors for a high NFR were different among the age categories. To prevent and reduce a high NFR among employees, it is important to develop preventive measures that target age-specific risk factors.

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