Long-term care use after a stroke or femoral fracture and the role of family caregivers

  • Doutsen A. van der Burg Doutsen A. van der Burg
  • Bram Wouterse Bram Wouterse
  • Maaike Diepstraten Maaike Diepstraten

There has been a shift from nursing home care towards home care, and from formal to informal care to contain long‐term care costs in many countries. However, substitution to home care or informal care might be harder to achieve for some conditions than for others. Therefore, insight is needed in differences in long‐term care use, and the role of potential informal care givers, across specific conditions. We analyze differences in long‐term care use of older patients after a fracture of femur and stroke in general, and examining to what extent having a partner and children affect long‐term care use for these conditions in particular.

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