Essays on household saving, religion and pay frequency

This thesis contains four different studies in applied microeconomics. In order to show the diversity I list the research questions in order of appearance:

  1. How are risk and religion correlated?
  2. Does a deposit scheme help gym members to visit the gym more often?
  3. Do households smooth consumption expenditures around the date of rent and mortgage payments?
  4. How do employees save out of different salary components?

The four studies are quite different – they differ in topic, method, and data used. The first combines experimental data with survey data, both collected through an internet panel. The second is a field experiment with a gym. The third study uses US budget survey data, in which households wrote down their daily expenditures. The last one uses administrative data from two Dutch firms. The first study is in the field of cultural economics, and the last three are in behavioral economics.

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