The main objective of this thesis was to investigate the impact of information overload on consumer purchase intention. Health insurance was selected as a product of interest, because it is highly demanding but at the same time complicated product and consumers knowledge
regarding it is far from perfect. I also wanted to test how objective and subjective knowledge mediate the relationship between information overload and intention to purchase. Information overload was presented in terms of description of health insurance products. It was proposed that more complex description negatively affects information overload. Moreover it was expected the positive effect of a more complex description of health insurance products on
objective knowledge and negative impact of a more complex description on subjective knowledge. It was also hypothesized that objective and subjective knowledge have positive impact on consumer’s purchase intention. In order to collect primary data for this research
Online survey questionnaire was prepared and filled out by 109 respondents. Around half of these respondents answered questions after observing products with more complex description. On the contrary another 50% of the respondents answered questions after
observing a more simplified description of health insurance products. Different statistical tests were performed with the purpose of analyzing the obtained data. Despite of the insignificance of some results in most cases the direction of effects was in a line with my
propositions that give reasons to conduct further research in this area with a new and more controlled study.

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