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Bachelor UWV*: Jesson Einmahl (TiU) – Design Optimal Annuities
Master UWV*: Annick van Ool (TiU) – Investment strategies for the pre-retirement and retirement phase of IDC pensions
Master: Wendy van Kessel (TU/e) – Towards socio-spatial welfare
PhD: Cormac O’Dea (University College London) – Essays in the economics of consumption and saving
Tias – Netspar Academy: Sander Duijvis (Timeos), Egbert de Graaf (SVB), Jannie van Leeuwen (Achmea) – Hoe kunnen mensen langer doorwerken?
* Gesponsord door UWV Pensioenfonds


Bachelor: Giacomo Battiston (Università Ca’ Foscari) – Economic Axioms in the Health Context: An Experiment about Kidney Transplant Preferences
Bachelor*: Hai Minh Tran (EUR) – Is good health purchasable by out-of-pocket money in Western Europe? Evidence from SHARE
Master: Sergio Castagnetti (TiU) – Behavioral Models on Reverse Mortgages Understanding Reverse Mortgages (low) demand
Master*: Christian H. Bockweg (EUR) – Framing and Pension Annuities: Experimental Evidence from a Dutch Pension Fund
: Jim Been (Universiteit Leiden) – Pensions, Retirement, and the Financial Position of the Elderly
Tias – Netspar Academy
: Rick Hoogendoorn (DNB), Wilfried Mulder (APG) en Erik Schouten (Aegon) – A Common Framework for Pension Contracts, Irrespective of the Type of Contract or the Type of Provider
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Bachelor*: Dirk Sackman (RUG) – Saving Motives of Dutch Elderly: The Relative Importance of Bequests and Long-Term Care
Master: Yuan Yue (APG/TiU) – Measuring the Cost of Regulatory Funding Ratio Constraints for Defined Benefit Pension Plans
Master*: Rens van Rijn (EUR) – Private Equity and Pensioners: value creation through pension adjustments? Exploratory research into the use of value enhancing pension strategies by private equity firms
PhD: Aleksandar Andonov (UM) – Pension Fund Asset Allocation and Performance
Tias – Netspar Academy: Melanie Meniar-van Vuuren (NN), Pierre van Mierlo (PGGM), Natallia Milko (AFM) en Guido Montulet (Achmea) – Keuzearchitectuur van het Pensioenstelsel
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Bachelor: Jori Arts (TiU) – The effect of the recent financial crisis on defined benefit pension funds’ asset allocation
Master*: Wilbert Ouburg (UvA) – Single and multi-population mortality models for Dutch data
Master: Matthijs Triep (VU) – Losses in the Great Recession: Dutch households under fire
PhD: Peter van Santen (RUG) – Precautionary saving, wealth accumulation and pensions. An empirical microeconomic perspective
PhD: Siert Jan Vos (UvA) – Essays in pension economics and intergenerational risk sharing
TiasNimbas-Netspar Academy: Edwin Lambregts, Sophie Steins Bisschop, Wouter Vinken (allen DNB) – Pension funds’ risk appetite and demography
* gesponsord door Pensioenfonds UWV


Bachelor: Yi He (TiU) – Estimation of premiums for heavy-tailed loss
Master: Hok-Kwan Kan (UvA) – A Bayesian mortality forecasting framework for population and portfolio mortality
Research Master: Ellen Dingemans (TiU) – Bridge employment after early retirement: A bridge to better postretirement well-being of adults?
PhD: Claudine de Meijer (EUR) – Studies of health and long-term care expenditure growth in aging populations


Bachelor: Mark Hup (UU) – Life annuities as a resource of public finance in Holland, 1648-1713. Demand- or supply-driven?
Master: Zina Lekniute (TiU) – A value-based approach to pension plan redesign in the Netherlands. Who will gain and who will lose?
Research Master: Vesile Kutlu (TiU) – Essays on subjective well-being and retirement behavior
PhD: Bart Diris (MU) – Strategic asset allocation. The effect of uncertainty on portfolio choice


Bachelor: Laurie Reijnders (RUG) – Two essays on adverse selection in annuity markets
Master: Sjoerd Timmermans (UvT)  – A cohort-specific collar approach to retirement security


Bachelor: Chau-Hui Ko (TiU) – Is There Heterogenenity in Consumption Drops at Retirement?
Master: Ingmar Minderhoud (TiU) – Modeling Human Capital in Life-Cycle Portfolio Choice: Riskless or Risky?
PhD: Stephen Kastoryano (UvA & VU) – Empirical Analysis of a Training Program: The Benefits of a Multi-Method Approach to Treatment Evaluation


Bachelor: Sjoerd Timmermans (TiU) – Intergenerational risk sharing
Master: Bart Custers (TiU)  – The added value of age differentiation in pension deals
Research Master: Marloes Lammers (VU) – The effects of savings on reservation wages and search effort
PhD: Ralph Koijen (TiU) – Essays on asset pricing


Bachelor: Kay Mennes (TiU) – Valuation of pension entitlements in hetereogeneous populations
Master: Mark Schouten (TiU) – Hedging inflation risk
PhD: Roel Mehlkopf (TiU) – Dynamic portfolio choice with an endogenous retirement date


Bachelor: Lisanne Sanders (TiU) – Modeling solidarity in pension funds
Master: Ralph Stevens (TiU) – Modeling solidarity in pension funds
PhD: Jérémie Lefebvre – Pricing of pension annuities in a context of decreasing mortality: assessing the Lee-Carter model

Netspar, Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, is een denktank en kennisnetwerk, gewijd aan het bevorderen van een beter begrip van de economische en sociale gevolgen van pensioenen, vergrijzing en ‘de oude dag’ in Nederland en Europa.


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