After Lunch Webinar: Max Groneck – “The Dutch Disability Insurance System and its recent Reforms”

Netspar organizes this After Lunch Webinar for partners and employees of partners. Researchers will outline their latest retirement research and then receive feedback and answer questions. It is just another way we bring science, academics, and professional practice closer together.

In this After Lunch Webinar, Max Groneck (University of Groningen) explains more about the research into The Dutch Disability Insurance System and its recent Reforms: Stimulating Employers to Care for the Health of All their Workers.

Questions and input on this ongoing research are most welcome.

This research is being conducted in conjunction with Viola Angelini, Laura Jansen and Raun van Ooijen (all University of Groningen).

A unique feature of the Disability Insurance (DI) and sick leave system in the Netherlands is its extensive degree of employer responsibility by making employers accountable for their sick listed and disabled workers. This paper studies whether sharing the costs of the DI benefits of their workers yields firms to provide more work accommodation efforts for non-permanent employees. Our analysis exploits a reform in the Netherlands that extended employer incentives within the sick leave and disability insurance system to non-permanent employees using unique Dutch survey data. We find that shifting the costs of sick leave and disability towards the firm has no significant impact on accommodation efforts. We do find evidence that the reform led to more firms opting for self-arranging both the sick leave benefits and the reintegration process of sick non-permanent workers, instead of using the public insurance scheme. For the firms that opted out of the public system, we find higher accommodation rates.

Locatie: Tilburg University Seminar Room K834 Warandelan 2 5037 AB Tilburg

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