Working people with an inadequate pension provision: Possible solutions for the blank and grey spots and pension accrual of the selfemployed

“A more binding system with a pension obligation is possibly required”

The pension agreement is a clear step towards a future-proof Dutch pension system. However, some problems remain, like eroding participation in second-pillar pension schemes. The self-employed usually fall outside of current schemes, and a substantial ‘blank spot’ of employees without active pension accrual exists. Concerns are also growing about schemes in certain sectors that offer an inadequate pension, the so-called ‘grey spot’. This report discusses the problem of inadequate pension accrual and explores possible solutions.



Key Takeaways for the Industry

  • Finding a satisfactory solution to insufficient pension accrual of employees and the self-employed may require a more binding system with a pension obligation for employers and/or employees, possibly combined with automatic enrolment.

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