The retirement patterns and retirement expectations of ethnic Dutch and immigrants

  • Chi Chen Chi Chen

This paper addresses two research questions: (1) labor force participation and (2) expected retirement age of ethnic Dutch and immigrants. We aim to map out the differences and similarities between ethnic Dutch and immigrants with western/ non-western backgrounds in the Netherlands in making their decisions regarding the two addressed research questions. For the first topic, we use cross sectional data from the LISS Health Survey and the Immigrant Health Survey to tip out the interplay between health, demographic characteristics, and labor market participation in the later part of individuals’ working life (between 50 years old and 64 years old). Immigrants with non-western background form their work participation decisions significantly different from ethnic Dutch, while immigrants with western background exhibit an intermediate pattern between ethnic Dutch and immigrants with non-western background. For the second topic, we use two waves from the LISS Health Survey and the LISS Work and Schooling Survey to analyze the dynamic relationship between socio-demographic characteristics and expected retirement age transitions. From our research results, we do not see significant behavior differences between different ethnical groups, that is to say, ethnic background does not really play an important role in explaining individuals’ expected retirement age. However, gender, age, whether one lives with a partner, and one’s primary occupation do influence the results of people’s expected retirement age.

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