The impact of education on health behaviours: Smoking, drinking and exercise. Evidence from the UK

  • Liva Andersone Liva Andersone

The necessity to refocus health policy from health care services to a broader base of determinants of population health which lie outside health care system is already recognised (Deaton, 2002) and therefore conclusive evidence on determinants of health outside health care system and their magnitude is essential. Although the strong associations between more education and lower mortality had given ground to argue for education policy as a part of health policy (Gwatkin, 1982) it was not enough to justify economic and political decisions. Conclusive evidence on causal effect in the education-health association would provide certainty and help to make better decisions on resource allocation towards health services or education since it is already recognised that determinants of health also lie outside the health sector (Deaton, 2002).

This study is organised in five chapters where the in the first one the background, current theoretical frameworks and empirical evidence along with methodology and the background of the 1944 Education Act reform is included. Data used in the study is described in chapter two and the results are reported in chapter three. They are followed by discussion of the results found in health outcome and health behaviours in chapter four and the conclusions of the study are presented in chapter five.

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