The Dutch health care payment problem

  • Jeroen Blokland Jeroen Blokland

This study examined whether there is a connection between switching to a new health insurance and not having health insurance payment problem. In this current study 360 respondents were involved, both males and females in varying age groups from 18 till 65+. This
group completed an online questioner and remains anonymous. The questionnaires consisted of topics of healthcare knowledge, switching insurance and payment problems. The results of the respondents showed that when a respondent switches to a new health insurance and
claims he or she is better off with the new insurance, the chance of having payment problems becomes smaller. Also the connection between payment problems and demographic criteria was confirmed. Finally the connection between payment problems and financial situation
(good, moderate or bad) has been proven, but also disproven. It is disproven when taken into consideration that not all people who have a payment problem will have to get a payment plan (they have to pay 130% premium) with the healthcare insurer. There is no proven relation
between financial situation and having a health care payment plan.

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