Part-time pension: interest and obstacles on the work floor

“Employees reluctant to embrace part-time pensions due to lack of knowledge and role models”

Part-time pensions allow employees to stop work gradually and could enable more people to work for longer. This study assessed the employee and employer perspectives. How do employees find out about part-time pensions and which obstacles do they perceive? And how do employers view and promote part-time pensions? Employees gain most of their information about part-time pensions from the internet and tend to lack role models and good advice. Employers are mostly positive about part-time pensions but do little to promote the use of such schemes.


Key Takeaways for the Industry

  • Participation in part-time pensions can increase if barriers on the work floor are removed, employees receive more tailored advice, and the legislation is made more transparent.
  • Employers and employees can remove barriers on the work floor by talking with each other about their expectations, ideas and concerns regarding part-time pensions.
  • HRM departments can tackle employees’ financial concerns by giving clear advice about reduced working hours and providing possibilities to experiment with part-time pensions.

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