Increases in symptoms of depression and anxiety in adults during the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic are limited to those with less resources: Results from the Lifelines Cohort Study

  • Y. Qi Y. Qi
  • A. Claringbould A. Claringbould
  • A. Lepe A. Lepe
  • A. Ori A. Ori
  • F. Boulogne F. Boulogne
  • H. Boezen H. Boezen
  • H. Franke H. Franke
  • H. Wiersma H. Wiersma
  • I. Nolte I. Nolte
  • J. Almansa J. Almansa
  • J. Dekens J. Dekens
  • J. Vonk J. Vonk
  • J. Vrooman J. Vrooman
  • Jochen Mierau Jochen Mierau
  • M. de Kroon M. de Kroon
  • M. Dijkema M. Dijkema
  • P. Deelen P. Deelen
  • P. Lanting P. Lanting
  • P. Ots P. Ots
  • R. Warmerdam R. Warmerdam
  • S. Jankipersadsing S. Jankipersadsing
  • S. Reijneveld S. Reijneveld
  • Sandra Brouwer Sandra Brouwer

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