Improving older workers’ employability until their retirement age

  • Marieke Koeman Marieke Koeman
  • Ad van Zonneveld Ad van Zonneveld
  • Benedict Dellaert Benedict Dellaert
  • Henk Heek Henk Heek
  • Pascal Corten Pascal Corten
  • Peter Lapperre Peter Lapperre
  • Robert Boulogne Robert Boulogne

“HR policy aimed at sustainable employability helps ageing people stay in work”

For many individuals it is challenging to continue to work until their retirement age. If they can no longer rely on income from work, individuals need to draw on social support schemes or their own means to provide for themselves. Longer working lives may improve ageing people’s financial position. A combination of personal guidance and a supportive (digital) information infrastructure for both employer and employee may contribute to promoting sustainable employability.

Key Takeaways for the Industry

  • HR policy can strengthen pension accrual by focusing more on promoting and maintaining sustainable employability.
  • This requires an integrated approach which focuses on the employee.
  • Employers and employees benefit from integrated support from a central coach and a wide-ranging information and product offer within a wider ecosystem of service providers. Pension providers can also play a role in this.

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