Employability and the labour market for older workers in the Netherlands

  • Anja Deelen Anja Deelen
  • Bas ter Weel Bas ter Weel
  • Nicole Bosch Nicole Bosch
  • Rob Euwals Rob Euwals
  • Stefan Boeters Stefan Boeters

The employment of people over age of 55 has increased substantially over the past two decades because of the aging of society and because of the increasing participation rate of elderly. Labour market results however deteriorate as people get older. The probability of finding a job and investments in new skills and knowledge diminish with age. Rob Euwals, Stefan Boeters, Nicole Bosch, Anja Deelen and Bas ter Weel (all CPB) identify in this paper three possible reasons for government intervention: fiscal externalities of the unemployment insurance, distorted human capital investment decisions and wage rigidities in the course of the working life.

Netspar, Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, is a thinktank and knowledge network. Netspar is dedicated to promoting a wider understanding of the economic and social implications of pensions, aging and retirement in the Netherlands and Europe.


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