Diversity in Pension Fund Boards

There is a need from the SER to gain more insight into possible factors that hinder the promotion of diversity. Where possible, the research builds on existing knowledge (for example from MCPF, Pensioenlab, SEO). Furthermore, a qualitative research design is proposed. It is important to gain more insight into the perspectives that boards have on diversity and how this may affect their diversity policy and implementation (Ely & Thomas, 2001). In addition, it is necessary to gain more insight into the recruitment and appointment process. Finally, for diversity to be an added value, a learning and inclusive culture is important where leadership is crucial (Ashikali, Groeneveld & Kuipers, 2020). The research aims to provide more insight into which factors can contribute to or hinder a culture in which diversity is self-evident.

Central question: What are possible barriers that hinder diversity in pension fund boards and what are facilitators?

Read the paper here.

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