Communication about allocation of personal assets

When switching from an existing benefit scheme to the new Solidaire Premium Agreement (SPO) or the Flexible Premium Agreement (FPO), shares of participants are converted into personal assets. The main question of this research is how communication around this transition can be formed.
The main question consists of several sub questions. We distinguish between communication at the time of decision-making (for the funds involved) and communication at the time of the actual transition (for individual participants). In both cases, we ask the following questions:

  1. What purposes could/should communication with participants serve? Are these purposes the same for different participants such as retirees, actives, sleepers?
  2. What (quantitative) information can the communication be based on?
  3. Which forms of communication (means, channels, framing) can serve the various purposes?
  4. What considerations should be made when communicating about the allocation of personal assets?
  5. What conflicts exist between different communication goals (for example: transparency and completeness vs. support, comprehensibility, or trust)?

These questions in any case will be answered, based on scientific literature, translated to the underlying transition question. If possible, we will try to test if the existing scientific insights indeed apply to this transition, by means of test subject research.

Read the paper here.

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