Using eye-tracking to understand individual decision-making

“Eye-tracking could help to improve the tailored communication of pension information”

Eye-tracking is a technology that tracks a person’s eye movements. Eye-tracking technology helps us to understand visual attention and provides insight into the cognitive processes of decision-makers. We analysed eye-tracking studies in behavioural economics, finance, accounting and organisational science to explore how this technology could contribute to research into individual pension decision-making. Eye-tracking research could improve the tailored communication with plan participants by optimising the design, presentation and structure of the information provided so that they are more motivated to explore their pension options.

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Key Takeaways for the Industry

  • Eye-tracking research could provide the data needed to tailor the information pension providers supply to an individual’s information acquisition behaviour and decision-making process.
  • Such tailored information would motivate plan participants to explore their pension options better.

Want to know more?

Read the paper of Zihao Liu and Peter de Goeij (both TiU) “Using eye-tracking to understand individual decision-making”

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