Review Pension Day 2019: new academic research presented

During the annual Pension Day on October 31, 26 researchers affiliated with Netspar presented new insights from a large number of research projects that have an impact on pension policy. Scientists from different research disciplines were given the opportunity to exchange knowledge, discuss papers and collect feedback on current research. Topics varied from saving behavior to ‘augmented’ pension communication using Artificial Intelligence, and from the fairness of the new pension contract to labor market developments.

Johan Bonekamp (TiU) and Bram Wouterse, for example, demonstrated the effects of a health shock on household wealth.

Research by Marleen Damman (NIDI) showed that self-employed people want to continue working longer than people in paid employment. They also have a less clear-cut idea of ​​a desired retirement age. Work characteristics such as more flexibility play a role in this.

Maria Eismann (NIDI) presented her findings on why and how partners influence the choice for early retirement of older employees; spouses appear to have a preference for early retirement from their partner when they are concerned about their partner’s health, when he or she has a stressful job, and when the partner himself indicates preferring to retire later.

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Download several presentations and papers on our website, by clicking the links in the Pension Day Program.


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