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Shared equity mortgages as boost for mobilising home equity

“Pension funds hold the key to increased household liquidity and reduced housing market risks” About 1,200 billion euros are tied up in home equity on the Dutch housing market. Although that wealth is at risk if house prices fall, these assets can nevertheless be mobilised for other purposes. At the moment, home equity is scarcely used. This paper investigates how the introduction of shared…

Lisa Brüggen as of March 1, 2023 director of the Netspar Foundation

The Supervisory Board has decided to appoint Prof. Dr. Lisa Brüggen as director of the Netspar Foundation as of 1 March 2023. Lisa is professor of financial services at Maastricht University and scientific director of the Brightlands Institute for Smart Society (BISS). She is also a member of the Supervisory Board of Nibud and a member of the policy advisory committee for pensions at…

Measuring risk capacity

“Risk capacity is not just related to age” Risk tolerance (willingness to task risks) and risk capacity (amount of financial risk individuals can bear) are key concepts for implementing adequate strategies in the new Dutch pension contract. We therefore measured age-related differences in risk capacity in a representative sample of the Dutch population to find out whether there are patterns or factors that pension…

Working people with an inadequate pension provision: Possible solutions for the blank and grey spots and pension accrual of the selfemployed

“A more binding system with a pension obligation is possibly required” The pension agreement is a clear step towards a future-proof Dutch pension system. However, some problems remain, like eroding participation in second-pillar pension schemes. The self-employed usually fall outside of current schemes, and a substantial ‘blank spot’ of employees without active pension accrual exists. Concerns are also growing about schemes in certain sectors…

Carbon Bias in Index Investing

“Carbon bias on stock markets exposes institutional investors to carbon transition risks” Many institutional investors seek to increase the sustainability of their investment portfolios. Popular value-weighted stock market indices serve as a benchmark for such active equity strategies. Our research reveals these have a carbon bias, which is due to firms operating in carbon-intensive sectors being more capital-intensive and so more likely to be…

Videoserie: Iedereen een eerlijk pensioen? – deel 3 (pensioen en transitie)

Deze video gaat over Pensioen & transitie en is onderdeel van de videoserie Iedereen een eerlijk pensioen? De video komt voort uit het Netspar evenement Boomers, millennials & generatie Z: iedereen een eerlijk pensioen? Theo Nijman Anne Vermeulen Deze aflevering gaat over pensioen na de transitie, Theo Nijman (TiU) en Anne Vermeulen (PensioenLab) geven hier een presentatie over. Ze worden geïntroduceerd door dagvoorzitter Tom Jessen….

The pension perspective of basic jobs

“Funding issues most important stumbling block for future basic jobs” Various Dutch municipalities are experimenting with basic jobs on a pilot basis. Basic jobs are forms of non-regular paid work for people on social assistance benefits who are not expected to get a job on the regular labour market but do not belong to the target group of sheltered employment either. Several political parties…

Videoserie: Iedereen een eerlijk pensioen? – deel 2 (pensioenvermogens en indexatie)

Deze video gaat over Pensioenvermogens & indexatie en is onderdeel van de videoserie Iedereen een eerlijk pensioen? De video komt voort uit het Netspar evenement Boomers, millennials & generatie Z: iedereen een eerlijk pensioen?     Nederland, Tilburg , 20-06-17 Foto Annemiek Mommers Econoom Casper van Ewijk, universiteit Tilburg Foto Annemiek Mommers +31651604830 [email protected] Dirk Bezemer Casper van Ewijk Deze aflevering gaat over pensioenvermogens…

A comparison of pension-relevant preferences, traits, skills, and attitudes between the Dutch self-employed and employees

“The Self-employed are a diverse group but also show similarities with employees” The group of self-employed persons in the Netherlands is diverse and growing. Meeting their pension needs requires knowledge of their pension-related characteristics and how these differ from employees. This extensive exploratory analysis looks at three categories of self-employed, namely solo self-employed, self-employed with personnel, and owner-manager. It compared them with employees as…

Visual communication of uncertain pension outcomes

“Clear visual representations of uncertainty remain a challenge” In the new Dutch pension system, pension organisations need to inform participants that the pension outcome is uncertain. Visual metaphors are frequently used to convey this complex message. Unfortunately, participants often misinterpret the intended message because the visual representation fails to convey the metaphor with sufficient clarity. We therefore compared the navigation visualisation currently used in…

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