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Equal rights, but not equal pensions: The gender gap in Dutch second pillar pensions

“No simple solution available to close the gender gap in Dutch occupational pensions” The Netherlands has one of the highest pension levels in the EU, but also one of the biggest gender pension gaps. Retired women receive more than 40% lower pensions than men. We analyzed the facts and legal measures which could potentially close the gap. Read one pager   Key Takeaways for…

Applied Data Science in the Pension Industry: A Survey and Outlook

“Data science solutions have a lot of potential, if we can demystify their black-box nature” The pension sector is increasingly adopting data science and AI-based applications to realise leaner and faster operations or even new value propositions. Machine-learning (ML) techniques could solve many challenges the industry faces, but the sector is hesitant to embrace this dynamic technology due to its perceived black-box nature. Overcoming…

The use of data in the pension market

“How can data use benefit pension participants without harming collectivity or privacy?” Insurance has always involved the use of data to estimate the likelihood of an event occurring. However the vast quantities of interconnected data that now available in our digital age raise various ethical dilemmas for pension providers. For example, should they be allowed to base pension premiums on health profiles, or may…

Individual differences in accessing personalised online pension information

“Inertia and digital hurdles limit the use of online pension planning tools” A pension planning tool, however well-designed, can miss its goal when there are large groups of participants who do not use this tool. People fail to access the tools even if they receive an email invitation that contains a weblink. In this study, we show who those people are who do not…

How trust in politics and society affects trust in pension institutions

“Don’t be fooled by average figures, as trust is more complex than you might think” Dutch citizens are used to a pension system that looks after them in their old age. That trust may not only depend on what pension funds do, but also how insitutions within the political domain (parliament or politicians) and societal institutions (law, media, science, etc.) are trusted. Behind the…

Podcast Pensioen & Arbeidsmarkt

Vanaf deze maand publiceren we iedere dinsdag een nieuwe podcast. We trappen af met het drieluik Pensioen & Arbeidsmarkt. Een wetenschapper en iemand uit de praktijk gaan onder leiding van Thomas van Zijl van BNR Nieuwsradio het gesprek aan. Iedere week praat Thomas met nieuwe gasten over dit thema met iedere keer een ander aandachtsgebied. Luister hier naar onze podcasts. Pensioen & Arbeidsmarkt: Een…

The solidarity provision legally unravelled

“Solidarity provision provides a measure of fairness in proposed new pension provision but needs to be better defined” The solidarity provision is a mandatory buffer for occupational pensions in the proposed new pension legislation. It will share profits and losses on investments and accommodate changes in life expectancy and deaths between different generations. But it also elicits various legal questions, such as possible infringement…

New faces on Netspar Supervisory Board

Inge van den Doel (PMT), Laura van Geest (AFM), and Willem Noordman (FNV) were recently appointed to the Supervisory Board of the Netspar Foundation. Willem Noordman is succeeding Tuur Elzinga, who represented the Labor Foundation on the Supervisory Board from 2017. The appointment took effect August 1st. The Netspar Foundation Board also appointed Inge van den Doel (PMT) and Laura van Geest (AFM) as…

Netspar verwelkomt SPMS als partner

Op 1 september 2021 treedt Stichting Pensioenfonds Medisch Specialisten (SPMS) toe tot het Netspar-netwerk. Daarmee steunt het pensioenfonds het werkprogramma van Netspar en levert het actieve betrokkenheid bij onderzoek en kennisdeling.   Jacques van Dijken, directeur SPMS: “Netspar biedt ons onafhankelijke kennis ten aanzien van keuze en invulling van het nieuwe pensioencontract. Daarnaast geven zij inzichten over de uitlegbaarheid van specifieke onderwerpen die onze…

When and Why Do Employers Hire and Rehire Employees Beyond Normal Retirement Age?

“Employers view working after retirement as exception to the rule” Older workers are increasingly encouraged to work beyond normal retirement age (NRA) to tackle potential labour shortages and keep social security systems sustainable. While the majority of employers have employed workers beyond NRA, they are rarely proactive in doing so. We propose that government policy should encourage employers to adopt a more positive and…

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