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Proud of how I’ve grown as a person

For her thesis, Melissa van Wingerden (23) has been awarded the Johan de Witt Thesis Award 2021 by the Royal Dutch Actuarial Association (Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap). Melissa was a Master’s student at Tilburg University and previously associated with Netspar, so we are proud of her achievement. We spoke to Melissa, who had just returned from Lapland and was still enjoying the interest sparked by…

Labour market status between the 65th birthday and state pension age: differences between educational groups

“Increasing the state pension age hits lower educated the hardest, especially women” Between 2012 and 2024, the Dutch state pension age is gradually increasing from 65 to 67 years. After 2024, any further increase will be based on the population’s average life expectancy at age 65. However, this new policy fails to consider differences between educational groups and how easily they reach the higher…

The demand for retirement products: the role of withdrawal flexibility and administrative burden

“Current pension products not flexible enough for many of the selfemployed” About 40% of the self-employed in the Netherlands save too little for their retirement. Currently, they are more likely to invest in a house or put money aside in flexible savings than invest in a pension product. 48% of the self-employed don’t know how to calculate their annual contribution limit, which can deter…

Shell Pension Funds join Netspar Knowledge Network

On December 1, 2021, Netspar welcomes Stichting Shell Pensioenfonds (SSPF) and Shell Nederland Pensioenfonds Stichting (SNPS) as partners to the Netspar network. Through the collaboration, SSPF and SNPS are fulfilling their ambition to further improve the implementation of the pension schemes on the basis of the latest scientific insights, while making use of the knowledge and experience of leading experts. These are the network’s…

Editorial Board Gets New Chair

Fieke van der Lecq is resigning as the chair of the Editorial Board effective January 1, 2022. Andries de Grip has been appointed as the new chair as of that date.               Fieke van der Lecq                                           Andries de…

Pleasure from leisure or still enjoying working? Getting to the core of pension decisions

“Numbers lack meaning out of context” Pension participants face complex decisions. Presenting participants with correct facts and figures is sometimes not enough for participants to choose the optimal alternative. If they succeed in determining the gist of the decision, people tend to make choices that are more in line with their values and preferences. This study identifies how participants make pension decisions and what…

Pension payout preferences

“Clear interest in options other than default constant payout pattern” In the debate about the new Dutch pension system, much attention has been paid to increasing participants’ choices. The default pension payout is a lifelong flat monthly rate (constant payout pattern). However, other options are (becoming) available such as a high/low annuity based profile or a partial lump sum at retirement with a lower…

Occupational pensions, macroprudential limits and the financial position of the self-employed

“Tighter borrowing restrictions in the mortgage market do not crowd out additional pension saving for self-employed” Tightened borrowing restrictions, such as lower macroprudential limits on the loan-tovalue ratio or the debt-service-to-income ratio, make it relatively harder for many Dutch households to obtain a mortgage in recent years. We find no contradiction to the current policy aim of increasing pension saving of self-employed individuals. Whereas…

Smoothed return allocation

“Equal fluctuations in pension payments implementable in new Dutch pension scheme” Pension funds may find it desirable that fluctuations in pension payments are equal for all retirees independent of their age. Moreover, in view of habit-formation preferences, they may wish to allocate returns in a smoothed way. We propose a concrete allocation mechanism that achieves both goals and satisfies the requirement that ex-ante redistributions…

Educational differences in trends in physical disabilities and experienced health in the Netherlands

“Government’s current picture of older worker’s health is not that reliable” As the state pension age rises, the proportion of older workers experiencing non-fatal health problems that influence their ability to work might increase despite an overall improvement in the general population’s health. However, obtaining an accurate picture of the situation is difficult because the outcomes observed are influenced by the health indicators used…

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