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Pension Administrator MN Joins Netspar as a Partner

Netspar welcomes pension administrator MN as a partner. In size, MN is the third pension administration organization in the Netherlands. MN takes care of the pension management (administration and asset management) of the PMT, PME and Bpf Koopvaardij pension funds, with a total of 2 million participants and invested assets of more than € 130 billion. With the partnership with MN, Netspar is expanding…

Review on lecture by Cass Sunstein – How Change Happens

On June 3, Harvard professor Cass Sunstein gave a lecture at the invitation of Netspar and Tilburg University about one of his books published this year: “How Change Happens”. In addition to academic expertise, Sunstein also has political experience, namely as an adviser to Barack Obama. He used that position to take into account the power of the standard choice in policy: what you…

Amount of pension benefit closely connected to trust in the pension system

The level of the pension benefit is the most important aspect of our pension system for both employees and the self-employed. That is the conclusion of a Netspar study by Martin Olsthoorn (SCP) into the preferences of employees and the self-employed. Freedom of choice, flexibility and customization only partially compensate for disappointing benefits. As long as the amount of pension benefits remains behind, confidence…

Men and highly educated women pessimistic about their own life expectancy

Despite positive figures about rising life expectancy, many older workers (64-67 years) are not convinced that they themselves will live longer.

Review Netspar Anniversary Meeting: Retirement and the Journey from Product to Person

Social changes in terms of life expectancy, the labor market, technology, and greater individual responsibility for financial and other decisions are forcing the pension industry to transition from focusing on products to focusing on individuals. Meanwhile, meeting individual needs can also produce considerable economic gains, as Casper van Ewijk argued in his introduction to the 14th Netspar Anniversary Meeting. After all, a euro given…

Training participation of older employees lags behind- Lack of motivation or age discrimination?

Older employees are looking forward to an increasingly longer career. Investing in lifelong learning is in their own interest and that of their employers. Training participation of Dutch employees, however, decreases with increasing age. This is partly due to the declining motivation of older employees. But companies also usually invest less in employees from 45 years. Age discrimination may play a role: employers expect…

Netspar report on Integrated Personal Financial Planning: eight components for more individual action perspective

Although almost half of the Dutch are worried about their future finances, it is difficult to get people to immerse themselves in their financial situation. The people who want to do so find that data is stored in a fragmented way and, moreover, is difficult to collect, organize and understand. In this Netspar report, researchers from TU Delft analyzed what it takes to remove…

Giving with a warm hand: bequest motive plays an important role in the saving behavior of the elderly

A final trip around the world, or leave some money to your loved ones? The authors of this study find that individuals who die from a terminal illness have much less wealth on their day of death than people who die unexpectedly. They interpret this as a strong indication that the desire to give money to loved ones – with a warm hand –…

Netspar project group report: Bottlenecks and policy options for flexible retirement

Working longer leads to much discussion. It improves the sustainability of public finances, but not all people are able to work until they reach the state pension age. More flexibility in the transition from working life to retirement can have positive effects on health, (work) satisfaction and sustainable employability. The Netspar project group “Flexible retirement” (Flexibel met pensioen) analyzed the options and bottlenecks for…

Pensions in Transition: New Netspar Program Off the Ground

Netspar has secured funding for a new program term and is launching an ambitious research agenda for 2019-2023 – “Netspar NexT” – with the support of its partners. The new program will highlight three core themes affecting old age, pensions, and retirement in the Netherlands: the transition to a new Pension Agreement, the ongoing development of financial life cycle planning, and forecasts regarding the…

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