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Judith Bom on her PhD thesis: “Living at home for as long as possible is not the best solution for everyone”.

Judith Bom recently obtained her PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She showed that informal caregivers can be stressed by the care and that people who are entering a nursing home do not appear to be worse off than they were at home. An interview. Name: Dr. Judith Bom   PhD defense: 17 June 2021 at the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, Erasmus…

Marike Knoef appointed as endowed professor of Capital-Funded Pensions

Tilburg University has appointed Marike Knoef as endowed professor of Capital-Funded Pensions at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management, effective July 1, 2021. Marike Knoef is director of Netspar, professor at Leiden University and Crown-appointed member of the SER. The remit of the chair is the study of capital-funded pensions from an integrated perspective to contribute to the formation of ideas about the…

Netspar explores scenarios for pensions after 2036: whatever happens, sitting back is not an option

The new pension system will not be introduced until around 2026, but a team of experts from the independent knowledge network Netspar has already considered scenarios for 2036 and beyond. These scenarios can be advantageous for the government, pension providers, people building up their pensions and other players when considering an uncertain future. The most important conclusion: whatever the transition will bring, no one…

Lessons from abroad: the Netherlands should tell a clear, honest story regarding pensions

In the coming years, all those involved in the Dutch pension reform will have to communicate a crystal-clear and honest story about the transition to a new pension contract. That is one of the lessons pension experts from the independent knowledge network Netspar have learned after analysing nine other countries that have previously undergone major pension reforms. Onno Steenbeek (EUR and APG) and Benne…

The Impact of Climate Change on Optimal Asset Allocation for Long-Term Investors

“Rising temperatures as a predictor of long-term equity return dynamics” Historical data contain little information about the impact of future climate change on investment portfolios. We therefore combined historical data with a theoretical model that describes how rising temperatures influence asset prices. Three types of investor were considered: agnostic (historical data only) dogmatic (theoretical model only) and holistic (historical data combined with model). We…

Pension network Netspar nominated for Tilburg Impact Award

Netspar’s Accumulated Knowledge Plays a Vital Role in the New Pension System for Dutch Citizens The Netspar research network has been nominated for the 2021 Tlburg University Impact Award. The work of this independent pensions think tank has been essential for the new pension system, draft legislation for which was published in 2020. The new pension system being implemented between 2023 and 2027 will…

Risk-taking behavior after experiencing a disaster; implications for pensions

“Disaster leads to long-term risk aversion for younger people and hence potential pension loss” This study used a well-known standard life cycle model to analyse the influence of a disaster like COVID-19 on the optimal consumption and investment strategy of different generations. The model assumes an individual without higher education, unmarried and no children, and that the disaster affects the risk tolerance. The ages…

Meer dan helft pensioendeelnemers laat vooringevulde keuze staan

Meer dan de helft van de pensioendeelnemers laat een vooringevulde keuze voor wat het is. Mensen met een beperkt financieel kennisniveau kiezen de voorgeselecteerde optie nog vaker. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek van de Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM) samen met Marike Knoef, hoogleraar empirische micro-economie aan de Universiteit Leiden en algemeen directeur van Netspar. De manier waarop en de omgeving waarin pensioendeelnemers keuzes voorgelegd krijgen,…

Off to a good start with a new pension system, but we still have a long way to go

The new pension system that takes effect around 2026 is better attuned to the labor market than was previously the case. Still, lower-educated people, mothers with small jobs, migrants, people who perform repetitive tasks, and workers with physically demanding occupations are at risk. That is the conclusion of an exploratory survey for the longer term published today by a group of scientists and experts…

Reallocation of individual pension assets to survi-ving dependent’s pension: a stated preference analysis

“The willingness to reallocate pension assets is highly heterogeneous” The Dutch pension system’s second pillar allows employees to reallocate old-age pension to surviving dependent’s pension within certain fiscal limits. This paper documents the outcomes of a stated preference experiment to measure the reallocation preferences of employees with a partner in the age group 55 to 65 years. This considered five hypothetical allocations ranging from…

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