How trust in politics and society affects trust in pension institutions

“Don’t be fooled by average figures, as trust is more complex than you might think”

Dutch citizens are used to a pension system that looks after them in their old age. That trust may not only depend on what pension funds do, but also how insitutions within the political domain (parliament or politicians) and societal institutions (law, media, science, etc.) are trusted. Behind the facade of a high trust society, there may be groups which are hard to reach and convince them to trust the pension system.

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Key Takeaways for the Industry
Pension communication and policy should take individuals’ trust in politics and societal institutions into account.

Want to know more?
Read the paper ‘Hoe vertrouwen in politiek en maatschappij doorwerkt in vertrouwen in pensioeninstituties’ (available in Dutch) by Harry van Dalen and Kène Henkens (NIDI-KNAW, TiU TISEM).

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