Extra Topicality projects: call for proposals additional research related to the Corona crisis

The corona crisis has not only turned our lives upside down, but also poses big new questions for the pension and insurance industry. Netspar is therefore opening an extra round for Topicality projects (short-term research) specifically aimed at research that can contribute to answering these questions. Researchers can submit proposals for this until Monday 11 May, 12.00h CET.

Subjects and procedure
The research proposals, after prioritization by the Partner Research Council (end of May 2020), will be submitted to the Netspar board for decision-making. A total of € 60,000 is available for this extra round. Netspar provides a maximum of € 20,000 per project. More information about previously assigned Topicality projects can be found in the project database.

Selection criteria

  • Proposals contribute to answering current questions related to the corona crisis. An inventory of subjects has been made for this. The inventory is for now only available in Dutch and covers subjects as the effects of low interest rates, effects on the financial well being of self employed and the elderly and the impact on investments. For more information, please contact research@netspar.nl 
  • Your own (corona related) research ideas are also very welcome, if appropriate within the Netspar research agenda.
  • The application is submitted by a Dutch university or knowledge institution

The output of a topicality project consists of four elements:

  • A Netspar industry paper;
  • at least one (digital) working group meeting, in which researchers and specialists from the sector contribute to the creation of the paper;
  • assessment of the paper by Netspar Editorial Board;
  • presentation of the completed paper at a Netspar meeting.


May 11, 2020 Deadline for submissions
End of May 2020 Prioritization by Partner Research Council and decision-making by Netspar Board
June 2020 Substantive kick-off with interested partners
September 2020 Option to present interim results during task force day
November 2020 Full draft version to be reviewed by the Editorial Board
January 2021 Completed paper

Send your completed application form no later than 11 May 2020 to research@netspar.nl, stating “Topicality grant proposal: additional research related to coronal crisis”.

If you have any questions, please contact us at research@netspar.nl or + 31 (0) 13 466 21 09

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