Does the general public support lower pension ages for physically demanding jobs?

“Public support for lower public pension age in certain cases, but more measures needed in care and work to reduce the burden on older

In the future, older employees will face the double burden of working for longer and providing informal care. This study explored how Dutch citizens view lower public pension ages in certain cases and which factors play a role in that.

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Key Takeaways for the Industry

  • Decisions to award an early public pension should also consider non-work factors, such as intensive informal care responsibilities and chronic health issues.
  • More measures are needed to reduce the burden on employees during the last phase of their career so they can continue to work for longer. Examples are investments in technology and personnel policy (part-time pension or demotion).

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Read the paper of Harry van Dalen¹², Kène Henkens¹²³, Jaap Oude Mulders¹ – ¹ NIDI-KNAW; ² TiU TISEM;
³ UMCG Groningen/UvA ‘De steun voor een ‘zware-beroepenregeling ontleed

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