Theme conference ‘Work, health and retirement’

On June 22 two large Netspar projects organize a conference together in The Hague about Work, Health and Retirement. Researchers will present results from the following two projects:

  • “Work and disability in old age: restrictions & incentives”
  • “Health and labor market uncertainty over the lifecycle: The impact on households’ risk capacity and retirement income adequacy”

During the event, affiliated researchers will present their latest research on how health issues influence labor market decisions and outcomes for different age and income groups and how work and health affect inequality in post-retirement well-being. In addition, the impact of financial incentives and retirement reforms on retirement behavior and work disability will be discussed. Finally, the implications of uncertainty in labor market outcomes for the optimal investment risk of pension funds for different age and income groups will be presented. This is essential for the pension practice as the new Dutch pension system requires pension providers to determine an appropriate investment risk profile for different groups of participants.


  • Rob Alessie (RUG): Risk capacity measurement using Dutch microdata
  • Gonzalo Paz-Pardo (ECB): Richer earnings dynamics, consumption and portfolio choice over the life cycle
  • Raun van Ooijen, Sandra Brouwer (RUG, UMCG): Prolonging working life and its impact on work disability across socioeconomic groups
  • Franca Glenzer (HEC Montreal), Pierre-Carl Michaud (HEC Montreal), Stefan Staubli (U Calgary): Frames, Incentives and Information: Effectiveness of Interventions to Delay Public Pension Claiming
  • Jan-Maarten van Sonsbeek (CPB): DI reform in the Netherlands: history and future
  • Daniël van Vuuren (TiU, SEO): Changes in retirement behavior after the rise in the state pension (AOW) age

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We look forward to meet you on June 22!

Locatie: Tilburg University Seminar Room K834 Warandelan 2 5037 AB Tilburg

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