Pension Day 2018

The annual Pension Day will be held on Thursday, November 1st this year. More information will be shared soon. You can already register using the below registration tab.

We are currently finalizing the program, but we already want to share which papers will be discussed in several sessions:

Thomas Post
What age do you feel?  – Subjective age and economic behaviors

Yi Zhang
The Impact of the disability insurance reform in the Netherlands on Labour supply and benefit substitution

A.J. van der Vaart
Lifetime income as a common determinant of long-term care use and mortality: A competing risk analysis

Johan Bonekamp
Consumption preferences during retirement

Pilar Garcia-Gomez
Spouses’ resonses to DI

Raymond Montizaan
Redistribution of individual pension wealth to survivor pensions: Evidence from a stated preferences analysis

Ampore Nagore Garcia, Arthur van Soest
How does an allowance for a non-working younger partner affect the retirement behavior of couples?

Matteo Bonetti
Pension Funds Interconnections and herd behavior

Richard Karlsson Linnér, Philipp Koellinger
Genomewide association analyses of risk tolerance and risky behaviors in over one million individuals identify hundreds of loci and shared genetic influences

Eduard Suari-Andreu
Behavioural responses of older europeans to inheritance receipt

Maaike Diepstraten
Can our house keep you out of a nursing home?

Gianmaria Niccodemi
Education, intelligence and diseases in old age

Jiyuan Wang
Fixed Costs or binding liquidity constraints, what drives an altruistic parent to under invest in an altruistic child? Evidence from china

Wilma Nusselder
Socioeconomic inequalities in healthy life expectancy in 15 European countries

Marike Knoef
Health and household expenditures

Annick van Ool
The economics of sharing macro-longevity risk

Raun van Ooijen
Demand for in-home care insurance: Preferences, substitutes and expectations

Milena Dinkova
I know (and) I can, therefore I do? The role of Multi-dimensional financial literacy in explaining pension information behaviour

Roel Mehlkopf
Optimal risk-sharing in pension funds when stock and labor markets are co-integrated

Adriaan Kalwij
Mind the gap! The effect of an increased UK State pension age on expected working life of employees

Jochem de Bresser
Subjective survival expectations in a lifecycle model

Peter de Goeij
Are pictures worth a thousand words? Infographics and investment decision making

Wiebke Eberhardt
This looks interesting: More pension involvement by personalizing emails

Damiaan Chen
Unhedgeable inflation rate risk within pension schemes

Jorgo Goossens
Dynamic Asset Allocation and consumption under time-inconsistent preferences

Locatie: Tilburg University Seminar Room K834 Warandelan 2 5037 AB Tilburg

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