Online After Lunch Taskforce meeting: Measuring sustainable preferences of pension members: A methodological proposition and a case study of a UK pension fund

Netspar organizes this online After Lunch Taskforce Meeting for partners and employees of partners. Researchers will outline their latest retirement research and then receive feedback and answer questions. It is just another way we bring science, academics, and professional practice closer together.

In this online After Lunch Taskforce Meeting by Marco Ceccarelli (Maastricht University). In this meeting you will learn more about how preferences for sustainability are measured. That is no easy task. The authors will present a method to elicit (measure) these preferences that is inexpensive to implement and leads to less bias than naive survey questions. Finally, you will see a practical application of this method in collaboration with a UK-based pension fund. Questions and input on this ongoing research are most welcome. 

Questions and input on this ongoing research are most welcome. This is an English-speaking event.

This research is being conducted together with Rob Bauer (Maastricht University), Katrin Godker (Bocconi University), Paul Smeets (Maastricht University).

There is an increasing need for asset managers like pension funds to measure the preferences of their clients. Traditionally, the focus of policymakers has been on risk preferences (Alserda, Dellaert, Swinkels, and van der Lecq, 2019). However, this might soon be extended to preferences for sustainable investing (Bauer and Smeets, 2021). We argue that measuring sustainable preference is not trivial. In particular, a naïve use of surveys could fail to elicit the truthful preferences of respondents. We propose the use of an incentivized investment game to measure revealed preferences for sustainable investment and show how these compare to the use of simple survey questions. We provide support for our measure by testing it with clients of a UK pension fund. In this context, there is a strong consistency between the sustainable investing preferences measured via survey question and those measured by the investment game. While we test the approach in the UK, our setting is applicable in the Dutch context as well as in the US or in other European countries. Our approach will become particularly useful when pension funds will need to measure, in addition to preferences for risk, also their clients’ preferences for sustainability.

Locatie: Tilburg University Seminar Room K834 Warandelan 2 5037 AB Tilburg

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